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Blended Learning
Blended learning is a hybrid of classroom and online learning that includes some of the conveniences of online courses without the complete loss of face-to-face contact. (i.e., the integration of online and classroom learning)
Times are changing because of rapid adaptability of Internet usage & technology. Today’s learner needs to have hands on acceptance of technology. Changing times demand from a learner to be able to socialize and to adapt itself in the varied environment of locations and cultures. Technology in learning is perceived by many as a tool which isolates human touch with the external environment. Rather technology is to be seen as an enabler blending sections of learning institutions like, teacher, learner etc on a single platform thereby eliminating the constraint of locations and distances.

In a nutshell a learning institutions and learner need to understand the need for this paradigm shift. Time is apt to come out of a brick and mortal based building to an open forum which attracts critical thinking skills and builds a strong affinity to the community. i-Connect could sense through rigorous research that just as it is not possible now to deliver a course only on face to face basis it is also not possible to have only online courses as it develops a feeling of isolation among with learners and also develops frustration among them.

Adding to it i-Connect also realizes that there is a need to change and keep ourselves abreast of the technology. Hence we are in the process of developing a platform that enables the Teachers to deliver blended learning courses with very little technical competence we hope that the platform will make learning fun and socializing will become an integral part of the learning.

We are Working on Inspired by Connect