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Recognized Learning Institutions
Renowned institutions like MIT, HBS etc have made a plenty of research on the plethora of education system. The need of a change and adaptability to the new technology in this digital age is very well explained by these institutes. They have unambiguously mentioned the need for implanting or integrating this composite model which includes the following
  Blended Learning
  Assessment for learning
  Lateral Learning
  Socializing etc.
MIT has specifically coined the following 10 principals which spark an urgent realization within us to transform our institute into a future beckoning learning institute
1.   Self-Learning 6.   Open Source Education
2.   Horizontal Structure 7.   Learning as Connectivity and interactivity
3.   From Presumed authority to collective Authority 8.   Life Long Learning
4.   A De-centered Pedagogy 9.   earning Institutions as Mobilizing networks
5.   Networked Learning 10.   Flexible Scalability and simulation.
Let’s take our Decision: Technology
Day in & day out we are coming across lots of articles, blogs, videos etc about the integration of technology in schools. Technological aspect is being embedded in schools via various instruments like white interactive boars, i-pads, projectors etc. Are we doing it cause other learning institutions are doing or do we realize that there is a need for us to take a leap from current education system.
Research says the following
Learners using blended learning scores better results compare to traditional method of learning. This shows that test scores has improved by 22% in case of blended learning programmes.
(2)   Study shows that learners using technology for writing has improved their writing
skills by 12%
(3)   In the next 2 decades developed countries will face shortfall of skilled workforce which will be made by emerging markets like us.
(4)   India’s unemployed youth range between 19-37 mn and majority of who are educated with secondary/college education.
By 2020 education services majorly can contribute $6-50 bn in revenue and create 10-48mn jobs directly or indirectly. But is out current education system in making our students becoming part of unemployed youth of through the required skill development he can become a part of these 48mn jobs?
60% of teachers reported that they use technology in classroom, but 26% of students indicated they are encouraged to use technology themselves.
(7)   Things that will get obsolete by 2020 are
The 21st century is customizable. In ten years, the teacher who hasn’t yet figured out how to use tech to personalize learning will be the teacher out of a job. Differentiation won’t make you distinguished it’ll just be a natural part of your work.
Schools fail to integrate technology
This is actually one that could occur over the next five years. Education Schools have to realize that if they are to remain relevant, they are going to have to demand that 21st century tech integration be modeled by the very professors who are supposed to be preparing our teachers
  K-12 Education Model
Education over the next ten years will become more individualized, leaving the bulk of grade-based learning in the past. Students will form peer groups by interest and these interest groups will petition for specialized learning. The structure of K-12 will be fundamentally altered.
In ten years’ time, schools will decrease their paper consumption by no less than 90%. And the printing industry and the copier industry and the paper industry itself will either adjust or perish
  Teacher-centered Classrooms
Classrooms were designed for lecture and crowd control, with the teacher as the central figure of knowledge and au thority. The teacher had knowledge to impart through direct instruction and the current classroom structure works pretty well for this. This basic classrooms structure is the same, though in some schools, the chalkboard has been re placed by the interactive “Smart Board.” In progressive classrooms, the structure has changed: small groups of kids working, project work, and student presentations require rethinking this model.
We are Working on Inspired by Connect